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There is a time to come and a time to go.......  

After having conducted a very successful business over the past 15 years, we at Digital World had to make some drastic decisions in light of the poor market conditions over the past two years. We all know that the Economy has been dwindling over this period and that the average man on the street find it hard just to keep his head above the water. Few people have enough disposable income these days and doing business in a luxury market in this climate is becoming increasingly difficult.

We have worked very hard and spent long hours to maintain our website and to bring our customers great deals and a wide variety of photographic products. Spending this time and effort on something which is more meaningful just made sense to us and we have diversified our businesses to such an extent that we get a much better return on our money with this diversification.

We sadly had to let go of the nitty-gritty side of things and Digital World would no longer operate as a normal fully fledged E-Commerce business, effective from the 12th June 2012.

Our love of photography would obviously remain and we would always be available for advice and recommendations. And we would continue to supply any piece of equipment you might require at our usual competitive prices. So if you need anything or any advice, please feel free to contact us and we would still supply on an individual basis.

The website would no longer be maintained and telephonic enquiries would no longer be entertained - you can always make contact with us by email in future. A word of thanks to all your support over these years - you all contributed to our success over this period.

From the Digital World team.